READY THERMO BAG instead of non returnable bottles

The Ready Thermo Bag is the best example of a sensible solution on the matter.

Instead of one only use it allows repeated multiple utilisation.

R E A D Y - T H E R M O - B A G

The practical drinking belt!

Ready Thermobag ( with insulation) ideal for cross-country skiing, biathlon, hiking, walking, jogging, cycling, hitchhiking, fishing, hunting ....

The anatomically formed READY THERMO BAG is carried around the waist, the arms remain free and the shoulders remain unburdened. There is no dangling, and there is nothing to get snagged.

The screw cap simultaneously serves as a practical telescopic cup for comfortable drinking.


Drinking is vitally essential for every recreational and endurance athlete, which is why it's important to always have a drink on hand when performing sports activities. But that's where the problem starts. Where can one carry it without restricting freedom of motion?

So, it's not wonder that the READY THERMO BAG has found its way into the ranks of the world's elite cross-country skiers and biathlon athletes who can often be seen on television as well. That's why one sees athletes using the READY THERMO BAG as an important utensil in various colours and a wide variety of advertising prints from teams and sponsors.

Drinking belt is ideal for anyone, looking for complete freedom of motion.